Welcome to the new Wasuradio.com!

Our New Website

Welcome to the new wasuradio.com! We decided it was time to refresh things and catch up with the times by completely revamping our website.

Key features:

  • New web player. Click the “Listen Live” button on the sidebar and you’ll be able to listen to our broadcast with our new web player. Click on any song for artist information and other trivia. The new player even works on mobile, so Android users can now listen along wherever they are.
  • Up to date news, sports, and other information. Every weekday we’ll be bringing you local and national news and sports. Keep an eye out for fresh content every day.
  • Other special content, like artist interviews.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, October 24th: AppalFest. We’ll be broadcasting live on Sanford Mall from 12pm-4pm.
  • Saturday, November 1st: Football vs Georgia State. We’ll be tailgating on Duck Pond Field before the game, and kickoff is at 3:30pm.
WASU Studio

Our Studio

King Tuff Interview

King Tuff 2 (2012)
WASU is interviewing King Tuff on October 15th about his latest album Black Moon Spell. To submit fan questions, head over to our fan page on Facebook, and enter a comment under the King Tuff interview announcement.

Appalachian 1800 : Students with Drive

This week I was able to sit down with two very important students here at Appalachian State. Joe Wrenn helped to lead efforts in getting students to sign a petition to Ban the MSM blood ban at the Annual Homecoming Blood Drive. Michael Grimes was a lead organizer for the recent A Capella benefit concert, Chords for Cora, that raised over six thousand dollars. This week, we explore what it takes to be a student with drive here at Appalachian State University.