This Week In News

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

In one of the biggest days in the history of the gay rights movement, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution assures a right to same-sex marriage. The court did not decide to solve other cases across the country filed by couples in states where same-sex marriage is outlawed until early 2016. President Obama called the ruling “A victory for America.”

Racist Charleston Killer Wanted More Than a Handgun

The man who killed nine in a Charleston, South Carolina church, Dylann Roof, wanted a more fatal weapon. A search of his car found 40 round bullet magazines in his trunk that are used in assault rifles, along with a grip for the firearm. Roof later told police that he didn’t have enough money to make the purchase of the rifle that could have killed many more people than the .45 caliber handgun he used in the taking of nine innocent lives.

Prison Escapees Still on the Loose

Escaped prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat had a close encounter with police when their DNA was found in a burglarized cabin earlier this week. The prisoners have still not been caught. A second prison worker has been charged with promoting prison contraband and destroying evidence in alleged efforts to help the two prisoners escape. Police said today that they believe the escaped convicts may be headed for Canada.

James Taylor Hits Number One

Back when records were on vinyl, James Taylor began his career. That was 47 years ago when his first album was released. Now at 67 years young, Taylor has the number one album in America for the first time in his career. The album, entitled “Before This World,” hit number one on the Billboard top 200 chart.