The Curse of Bruce Boudreau

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In November of 2007, a man by the name of Bruce Boudreau stepped behind the bench to coach a then soon-to-be top tier team, the Washington Capitals. Once he took over the Capitals interim head coach, he took the team to four consecutive playoff appearances in five years during his tenure.

After being replaced by Adam Oates, Boudreau then headed westward to help the Anaheim Ducks capture a Stanley Cup for the first time since 2007. Now in his tenth year as head coach, Boudreau has posted a .521 winning percentage and holds one of the best records among active coaches. His seven division titles also give him an added level of credit.

However, until Boudreau’s fourth season as head coach for the Ducks, he had yet to make an appearance in a conference final and has still yet to make a Stanley Cup appearance despite his successes. This includes a 121-point season and a Presidents Trophy, a Jack Adams award, and what should have been a nomination for an Emmy in his appearance in the Caps’ 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic.

What makes this season a head scratcher for Boudreau is how abysmal the Ducks have come out of the gate so far. Currently, the 43-year-old Jaromir Jagr has as many goals as Boudreau’s squad does. Anaheim currently has the worst goals for in the league as well as the worst power play percentage at 5.6. Not only is their issue getting goals in the net, they also fail to outshoot their team by 3.4 goals on a per-game basis.

When he inherited the Capitals in his first season in ’07, he turned them into a playoff team after starting off 6-14-1, can he turn around a team that sits at 1-5-1? Oh, the Ducks have also been shutout in four of their seven games.

Rumors are already circulating that Boudreau gets the axe as a result of the teams performance early on. Can his Western Conference appearance save him from getting canned or will he be sitting on the shelf again?

The Ducks hope to improve their record against a 5-3-0 Chicago Blackhawks team tonight at 8:30p.m.

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