On-Air Schedule

The table below lists the times our DJs and Specialty shows are on the air! Specialty shows are indicated in ALL CAPS. Visit our specialty show page to learn more about these!

12:00 AMAlex GroveSydni LoudermilkRobert Agans
1:00 AMSydni LoudermilkRobert Agans
2:00 AM
3:00 AM
4:00 AM
5:00 AMMarnie BonnChristina BealsLexi HargesheeimerCaroline MossJazmine Griffin
6:00 AMMarnie BonnChristina BealsLexi HargesheeimerCaroline MossJazmine Griffin
7:00 AMAidan MoyerAidan Moyer
8:00 AMAlex HobbellTHE MORNING APPNatalie BroomeTHE MORNING APPNatalie BroomeTHE MORNING SHOWTyler Henderson
9:00 AMAlex HobbellAPP 1800- Maggie HarperTaylor Anne WadeHoward CollingsLex BoffemmyerHoward Collings Tyler Henderson
10:00 AMKristen LawrenceMichael GiulianoTaylor Anne WadeMichael GiulianoBrianna FisherBraxton CritcherCody Warlick
11:00 AMKristen LawrenceSabine RekeibeKati RobinsonChris WhitfieldBrianna FisherBraxton CritcherCody Warlick
12:00 PMMary PickhardtJoshua KornmeyerKati RobinsonChris WhitfieldJessica MinchMaggie HarperAshley Dorton
1:00 PMMary PickhardtJoshua KornmeyerChristian EmoryLizzy MicyusJessica MinchMaggie HarperAshley Dorton
2:00 PMAlex LaroccaFrazer CornetteChristian EmoryLizzy MicyusHaley ViehmanLily HarrisDovy Abarius
3:00 PMNicole BriceFrazer CornetteKristen KokkelenbergClay CouncilmanHaley ViehmanLily HarrisDovy Abarius
4:00 PMNicole Brice Grahame VinesKristen KokkelenbergSabine RekeiberAlex LaroccaBill ButlandDavid Scola
5:00 PMHayden TaylorGrahame VinesKelsey CooperMax LichtfussKelsey CooperBill ButlandDavid Scola
6:00 PMHayden TaylorKyle PresleySPORTS WRAPPMax LichtfussSPORTS WRAPPEDM SHOW- Grahame VinesWIll Canady
7:00 PMMolly BradyKyle PresleyMackie GallagherTHE ROLLOUT- Howard CollingsMackie GallagherRocky BassWill Canady
8:00 PMMolly BradyClay CouncilmanLex BoffemmyerTHE REWIND- Chris WhitfieldMacke FoleyRocky BassNoah Altritt
9:00 PMMatthew HughesJustin LundyBen KatzensteinBen KatzensteinMacke FoleyLUPIE RADIO- Nate SaundersNoah Altritt
10:00 PMMatthew HughesJustin LundyTURNT UP TUESDAY- Rocky BassJacob TurnerJacob MazzaNate SaundersGray Salter
11:00 PMAlex GroveScott SpickardScott SpickardJacob TurnerJacob MazzaNate SaundersGray Salter