Take That For Data 1-25-18

Take That 4 Data is back for 2018! Listen here as host Braxton Critcher, Scott Spickard and Gray Salter recap the winter break and why Scott wore a Alabama t-shirt during the podcast (you can see video and photo evidence on Twitter @_TakeThat4Data). You also get to hear the top stats from the break and a preview to what the guys will talk about next week! Email the guys at takethat4data@gmail.com!

Take That For Data 12-6-17

It’s the final episode of Take That For Data for the semester and Braxton Critcher, Scott Spickard, and Gray Salter get you set for the bowl games coming up! This IS all you need to know for each of the big time bowl games coming up! Listen here for who wins and why along with what the App State men’s basketball team needs to do to solve their road woes.

Take That For Data 11-29-17

Big news in College football, the NBA, and the NFL. All of that is on the docket today as Braxton Critcher, Gray Salter, and Scott Spickard discuss these, but mainly the college football playoff rankings. Listen here for what you need to know going into the final weekend of college football!

Also included in today’s program is Crazy But True and It’s about Time!