Sports MC 9-26-17

Hosts Colt Jensen and Mackie Gallagher discuss the protests and kneeling that occurred around the NFL Sunday, NBA offseason moves, and once again, MLB Postseason predictions.  They discuss App State’s heartbreaking loss to Wake Forest and what they take away from it.  If you would like to continue the discussion, Mackie (@MackieGallagher) and Colt (@colttheman) are both on Twitter.  Thank you for listening

SportsMC 9-19-17

Hosts Colt Jensen and Mackie Gallagher discuss some college football, including App State and Clemson, along with NFL.  Beastmode busting moves on the sideline and Antonio Gates showing why he’s one of the best Tight Ends in the game makes for some good conversation. At the end Colt and Mackie give their MLB postseason preview.  Do you agree or disagree with anything on the show? Feel free to discuss with them on twitter, @MackieGallagher @colttheman #LetsGetIt

SportsMC 9-12-17

Hosts Colt Jensen and Mackie Gallagher talk about the exciting Week 1 of the NFL season and some of the surprises that came along with it.  Also, what impressed us about App State’s dominant victory over Savannah State? Aaron Judge the greatest rookie of all time? Will the Cleveland Indians join the 2002 Oakland A’s for most consecutive wins in a season (last 50 seasons)? Hit play to find out and hear a lot more.  #LetsGetIt