A gift from Wayne L Sumner

LIVE🔴 from the Wayne L Sumner Studios, it’s Wayne L Sumner! Wayne stopped by the studio a while back to gift us a copy of the first ever song played over 90.5 FM on April 18, 1972! Wayne also came by to do an interview for APP 1800 with our News Director, Christina, and it was so great talking with him about how much the station and industry have changed since he was a DJ!🎙⭐



2019 WASU Summer

WASU had a great summer participating in events around campus! Four staff members, Nate Saunders, Kiera Massi, Marnie Bonn, and Patrick Mullaney ran and worked to promote our station through participation in first-year orientation, high school station tours, and summer giveaways. Now, with the summer behind us, we are looking forward to a great school year and having all of our staff members and DJs back in the station!

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