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Thank you for your interest in our station! Keep scrolling for answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Q. Where are we located?

A. 90.5 WASU-FM is an alternative rock station located on the second floor of the George G. Beasley Media Complex on the campus of Appalachian State University, across the street from the University’s Student Recreation Center. Our physical address is 920 Rivers Street, Boone, NC 28608. 

Q. Do you take song requests?

A. Of course! Call 828-264-4905 to request your favorite song.

Q. How do I submit music for consideration? 

A. Email us a link to online files at wasutheapp@gmail.com or wasumusic@gmail.com. You can also send physical copies to our station at:

WASU Radio, 920 Rivers Street, Boone, NC 28608

Q. I’m a student interested in getting involved with 90.5 WASU-FM. How do I do so?

A. We’re so excited that you’re interested in joining us! There is a training class offered each semester that is taught by 90.5 WASU-FM’s Dan Vallie! Upon completion of the class, students are able to complete 1-2 hours on-air each week! We also have opportunities for specialty shows, sports and news, and staff positions! For more information about this class and registration, fill out the contact form below!

Q. As a DJ, can I play any kind of music I want? Do I get pick the songs?

A. No. 90.5 WASU-FM follows an Alternative format. During your regular shift, you will play songs picked by the music director and scheduled by the program director.

However, after being on the air for a semester, you can apply for a specialty show, where you can pick the format and the music for your show. We currently have Top 40s, Hip Hop/R&B, Local Music and Throwback music specialty shows! Visit our specialty shows page to learn more!

Q. Are there opportunities to pursue radio broadcasting in addition to WASU?

A. Yes! Students can apply to Dan Vallie’s Kellar Radio Talent Institute, a unique talent farming system for networking with professionals. Visit the Kellar Radio Talent Institute’s website for more information. Many of our station’s members also attend a wide variety of radio broadcasting conferences during their time at 90.5 WASU-FM!

Q. I’m a community business member interested in underwriting and sales with 90.5 WASU-FM! Who do I need to contact? 

A. Thank you so much for your interest in our station! Please fill out the contact form below or email our Underwriting team at taylorjh1@appstate.edu!

Q. Is 90.5 WASU-FM operated by students? And, what are all the staff positions?

A. Yes! We are staffed by current students and are under the leadership of Dan Vallie! Keep reading to learn more about the staff positions our students work in! And, visit our staff page to meet our current staff members!

Station Manager: Oversees all departments at WASU, leads station and staff meetings.

Program Director: Manages the programming and the on-air talent. Is also responsible for scheduling shifts, shows, and keeping track of attendance. The Program Director also monitors talk shows and specialty shows, and makes sure the station stays on the air.

Traffic and Continuity Director: Works closely with the Program Director, the Underwriting Department, and the Production Department. Is responsible for making sure that underwriting is scheduled and played correctly.

Music Director: Sorts through CDs sent by bands and labels. Responsible for determining which songs fall into which categories.

Promotions Director: In charge of promotional events like tailgates and remote broadcasts. Works to promote the station through interviews with bands and giveaways. Also responsible for homecoming.

Underwriting Director: In charge of underwriting sales, and the Account Executives. The Underwriting Director draws interest from local businesses to fund WASU.

Accounting Executives: Work under the Underwriting Director, drawing interest from local businesses and making sales. Paid by commission.

Production Director: Works closely with the Underwriting Director, Accounting Executives, and Traffic. Responsible for producing underwriting spots compliant with FCC rules and which follow clients’ wishes.

News Director: Responsible for the daily news breaks which play in the morning and afternoon. Works with promotions to interview artists and other people.

Sports Director: In charge of sports programming. This includes sports breaks heard throughout the day, sports talk shows, and live coverage of Football and Basketball Games.

Director of Interactive and Social Media: Responsible for this website, the station’s Twitter @WASU_RADIO, Instagram account @WASU_RADIO and our Facebook page.


Persons with disabilities who need assistance with issues relating to the content of this station’s FCC public inspection file should contact: 

Emily Mason

(828) 262-3295



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