Specialty Shows

After completing a semester on air, students can apply for a specialty show.

Specialty shows run weekly between the hours of 7pm and midnight.

Check out our current lineup:

Bassline is Electronic Dance Music (EDM) show hosted by DJ Tekromancer. Bassline will have music from House, Trap, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and other mainstream and underground EDM genres.  For a musical journey into the EDM sound tune in on Thursdays @ 11pm!

Thursday Rollout is a Top 40 specialty show, hosted by Kirstie Sidey featuring some of the best pop songs in the country!  Each week a throwback song is played and the show ends with America’s Top Five favorite songs for that week!  Tune in on Thursdays @ 7pm!

The Bandit Logo

The Bandit At 9 is a Classic Country show, that features the greatest Country hits from the 1970’s and 80’s. Hosted by “The Dude”, this show not only wants to bring back the great twangy sound of country, but also that today’s Country just cannot compare. If you love the sound of a steel guitar, this show is just for you. “The Dude” hopes you can kick back, relax with a beer in hand, and simply enjoy some good ‘ol Country music. Tune in on Wednesdays @ 9pm!



Join … plays the best that North Carolina has to offer! The Local Lowdown features original music by local musicians, gigs announcements, special local artist interviews, performances, and one classic artist each week! Tune in on Fridays @ 8pm!


On The Weekend, Matt Krombach brings you today’s hottest Rap and R&B tracks while also giving you a chance to relive your middle and high school days or even go old-school with a throwback set! Tune in Thursdays @ 8pm!


Do you ever wish that you were born in a different era because you don’t get today’s music? The School of Rock is your one stop destination for all things classic rock. DJ’s Stefano and Austin keep it traditional by bringing the spirit of the 70’s and 80’s alive from their classroom, to your ears. Make sure you’re counted present so that you can earn your degree from the School of RockTune in on Mondays @ 7pm!




Sports WrAPP is a bi-weekly sports show that covers anything and everything in the sports world. Predictions, stats, analysis, and recaps can all be found, not to mention a healthy covering of App State sports! Tune in on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6-7pm!

The Morning APP hosted by Sam Lias, Daniel Statum and Brandon Cassiano, with special guest hosts Katie Price as The Monday Grump, Alex Burch as our Wednesday Wildcard and Zach Hawkins as our Friday Funny Guy. Not only will we help you wake up in the morning but also help you with relationships, friends, school and whatever else you can think of. Tune in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays @ 8am!